Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food fight -- they started it

New York chefs are kitchen sissies. Several items in the Dining section of today’s NY Times messed with my digestion.

Let’s ease into the narrative.

There is news that NY city hall is considering a ban on bake sale items such as homemade pumpkin bread, pink cupcakes and spinach tofu empanadas (to name a few). The new rule is aimed at tackling obesity. But packaged junk like Reduced Fat Cool Ranch Doritos and Linden’s Chocolate Chip Minis are deemed delicious. I say keep your capitalistic government out of my kitchen.

It gets worse.

An alleged barbecue pitmaster from Queens (oxymoron?) claims Texas BBQ is “limited” and he proposes cultural shifts that includes these finger-lickers: pork loin brined in bay leaf, lamb ribs marinated in a fermented shrimp sauce, wagyu brisket with chili jam and steamed buns, and duck rubbed with red curry powder which will be flash-fried and…and…Stop.

Then comes a NY Mexican chef who says it is unnatural to see people use tortilla chips like a shovel for salsa. “Like watching someone drink salad dressing out of a bottle,” he sniffs. Uh-huh. So you tell me what are the true ingredients of authentic salsa.

I’m waiting.


The South Plainsman said...

Agree, agree! Why Yankees would think they know anything about barbeque.

Same thing goes for chips and salsa.

Why "capitalistic" government? Its not capitalists that are wanting the government in your business, its the liberals and the socialists.

Blog of Ages said...

Doritos and Linden's are known capitalists.

Anonymous said...

I gotta wonder if it occurred to anybody that someone invented Cool Ranch Doritos after they drank salad dressing.

Ha. Get a rope.


Anonymous said...

You just send those two snooty nosed chefs to Austin and
I guarantee I will have a gang of people representing both ethnic foods :)
and change their minds one way or another.....good god !

Don't they know those foods are the national foods of TEXAS !
What the hell are they thinking$)(#!$*)@#@!)(*$$#^&$^$!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh those Yankee Mexicans!!!!!! I was explaining to one of our female friends here at the "home" about chickens. She is from right in the middle of NY...Queens..Never had a chicken. So we were talking last night about our daughter and family here in Richardson who have one laying hen (two were executed by a dog and one just up and became ill) and now six new chicks...all different breeds. The discussion centered on a guy in South Dallas who keeps a dozen...A DOZEN Roosters...why? They are illegal in Richardson..but hens okay. So my friend from NY said well don't yu have to have a rooster for the hens to lay? It took a while to explain all this...I should have said the rooster is there to get laid...but said that the boy was to make the hens fertile to raise chicks. I don't think she still gets it. She has lived in Texas a long time but has not ventured into barnyards.
We also discussed milking cows. That got her attention too. BIll

Nance said...

Foodies...getting more and more precious. As a group, however, they do typically set off my Dem-dar, so I say let's embrace them and their silly chili jam. And remember, vote with your fork.

Anonymous said...

my buns are steamed, all right, but it ain't wagyu brisket with chili jam that are doin' it. btw, queens is the most ethnically diverse county in the country. you can get some really good food there -- really good. but please, no lamb ribs marinated in fermented shrimp sauce. gimme a tex-mex plate of tamales, enchiladas, et al -- and lard! abrazos, d

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Couldn't agree more. Barbeque is a regional experience - it's all good, but the BEST brisket and sausage comes sans sauce from Smitty's in Lockart, Texas. Salsas come in many styles too. Some fresh, some cooked. My favorite south Texas version starts with a tablespoon of bacon drippings, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 4 chopped jalepenos (with or without seeds), 1 chopped onion. Fry that up until tender. Put in 2 cans of stewed tomatoes (or 6 fresh ones diced0, and 1/2 can of beer. Salt 'n pepper to taste. Add a teaspoon of cumin and a handful of cilantro (chopped finely), and simmer. When cool put it in a blender to get it to the consistency you like. Enjoy!

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