Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lone Star/North Star/home

My first Big Winter in Minneapolis was a blast.

Every day was a new adventure. And I was like a teen-ager enjoying the ever-changing palate. It was all new to me. And I liked the adventure. Of course, I didn’t have to get out into the cold every day and drive to work. That chore, I imagine, would pffft the buoyancy of winter thrills.

Snow mold. I know, this sounds like Texas BS, but spidery snow mold can grow under the icepack. The stuff causes no permanent harm but it is early ugly for the lawn. It goes away in a couple of weeks, thankfully.

Car wash. Were I to get back in business again, I would buy a car wash in Minnesota. Everybody you meet is a potential customer. Road grime and road salt are rust incubators.

Sunday, the temp reached near 70 degrees. And the traffic jams were awful. Not the roadways, the sidewalks. The whole neighborhood came outside to rejoice. Trikes and bikes and hikers. Oh my.

This weekend, the floods begin. And I almost forgot -- a rain and snow mix is predicted Saturday.


barry.knister@gmail.com said...

It's good you enjoyed your first winter in Minneapolis. I haven't been there since the week between Christmas and New Years, 1972. Aside from the Walker Gallery and Guthrie Theatre, what I remember of the trip is being extremely grateful that everything in the center of the downtown area was connected by covered, heated passageways. The cold was so intense that on the few occasions I had to be outside, I felt sure, come spring, some latter-day version of the medieval wagons sent around during periods of plague to collect the dead would have to figure in Minneapolis.

Paula said...

It hit 61 here today, the first really warm and sunny day in, what, six or seven months? Nevermind the blackened snow piles at every corner, shorts, flipflops and, of course, motorcycles were out in force. Must be spring.

The South Plainsman said...

Come home where you belong.

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