Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Politics of fear lost health care reform

We’ve now seen the worst the Republicans/conservatives/tea baggers have to offer. The list gets sad and heavy:

racial epithets
sexual epithets
berating the man with Parkinson's
spittle and phlegm
you lie
baby killer
death panels
political threats
personal threats
assassination threats
guns at public meetings
anger, anger, anger
vote no in lock step despite hundreds of GOP amendments in the bill
and that’s not counting other lies and misdemeanors.

Then their last presidential nominee, John McCain, had an epiphany. He figured out that no Republican, not a single one, voted for health care reform. So he threatened what everybody else has known since birth – the end of bipartisanship in congress.

So be it.

Despite the real possibility of big time losses next November, the Democrats have found their spines. They finally did something right just for the sake of doing something right. It was not poetry. Not even sausage. It was ugly.

But maybe, just maybe, this could be the beginning of the end for big money control over congress. Think insurance companies, big banks, big oil, big lobby.

What have the Democrats got to lose? The election? That die has already been cast. Stand up. Make a muscle. Use it.

Now is the time for action on finance reform, immigration reform, energy reform.

Who knows – the electorate might admire you for voting your convictions.

Go for it. Take the high road.


paula said...

Great post, George! And good advice. We watched the ordeal on CSPAN, so missed the circus outside. I'm glad.
I feel like it's 1970 in DC and I'm living on the edge of social revolt surrounded by the crazies, only this time it isn't kids, it's old folks who should know better. Just as dangerous though, maybe even more so.

El said...

Its the strength of our system, George. The pendulum swings. What is really shocking is the level the discourse has sunk too. Lets keep those republicans where they belong. in the outhouse. I wrote to everyone involved in this victory and pledged my support in the coming election and I mean it.

great post. Lets keep it going.
best. Linda Eckhardt

Anonymous said...

I agree George. It's about time someone of either gender showed some cajones (sp??) and did the right thing. It's been a depressing winter in that regard, and finally finally finally a glimpse of relief!
Carol L, (Julia's mom)

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true American...what else? And that Repub woman from your northern area says they will immediately start to try and repeal the bill. Fight on oh messy Democrats. Bill

sph said...

and the TWO wars, when will those be over? 6000 people protested the war last weekend, and the tea party hundreds made the headlines.

So few Americans carry such a huge burden. It breaks my heart.

Nance said...

The teabaggers have outed themselves beyond any shadow of a doubt. Is this what became of the Moral Majority? The last time it got this crazy, America could largely blame it on a generation gap; there's nothing remotely politically correct to blame it on this time. I hope you're right, that we press right on doing the right things. Damn the torpedoes!

Ken said...

Terrific, George, simply terrific.

You wrote: "But maybe, just maybe, this could be the beginning of the end for big money control over congress. Think insurance companies, big banks, big oil, big lobby."

This may be the most far-fetched of all you said, given the likely impact of the recent Supreme Court decision that allows the unrestricted use of corporate money in elections. The gates of hell have just been opened and if it wasn't already a grim time for Dems to be elected, this raises the odds considerably.

Barry and Barbara Knister said...

Actually, George, I don't think the die has been cast. The mean-spirited, bad-loser image being presented by all elected Republicans is so far proving to be a real turn-off for independents. As someone has pointed out, the only ones on the right who benefit from the repudiation of just-say-no Republican strategy are the blab-show hosts. They will continue to taunt their listeners into evermore frenzied behavior, and this (I hope) will do nothing but make these people look unstable, which of course is what they are.

Anonymous said...

Great post, George!
I can't recall how I stumbled across your blog some time ago, but I'm glad I did every time I read it.

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