Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sarah Palin TV bad idea?

Let me go out on a limb and say that I expect Sarah Palin’s Fox TV show Thursday night to draw a huge audience.

Let me go further out and say I don’t expect her to last very long with that show or with her Alaskan reality show for Discovery. Already, the Fox anchors who have her on their shows are beginning to slice her here and there. Ego wars among the thin skins are inevitable. Face time. Gimme.

Initially, viewers will be drawn by her charm and celebrity. But ultimately, she will do herself in with her own word salad which makes little sense and is delivered in a high chirp that is set on stun. Listening to her try to talk about anything substantive is fun, but not informative once you get past the bromides. Great bumper stickers; poor government policy.

If the lady doesn’t know how to answer a question coherently, how do you suppose she figured out how to ask a question? Each is part of the same equation.

Besides, I don’t think Palin truly knows how to share a microphone.

Watching her in a studio two-shot with John McCain, wasn’t it obvious that she really, really likes the spotlight? Too much. I think she will fade from the exposure. Or get mad at the in-fighting and quit -- but only after her bank account green lines.

And then there’s the little question of ethics. "Real American Stories"are not real. Ask rapper/actor L L Cool J, who revealed Palin spliced in an old interview he gave someone else to make it look like it was a chat for her new show. He blew the whistle on the phantom interview and Palin dropped the segment the day before air time.

Likewise, country singer Toby Keith said he never sat down for an interview with Palin. Don’t know if his segment will also be dropped.

Tsk. Tsk.

Maybe quitting that state job was not such a good idea.


Ken said...

Good stuff, George. I haven't got time (or the stomach) for watching Palin. It's a dirty job and somebody's gotta do it. So thanks.

Paula said...

If this gig fails, maybe she can take over some of the late Billy Costa's commercials for choppers and cleaners. You betcha, she'd be good. Her voice must have come from the same shelf as Costa's in the voice store. At least, it's just equally annoying. I never could figure out what it was Costa did, exactly, to get famous, but I have same problem with Ms. P.

Nance said...

Queen For A Day.

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