Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winter, remember winter?

Yesterday was the first day of spring -- the sun was shining and everything was on sale at the mall. Too much temptation. We had to get out.

Since I was designated the driver, we crossed town on the parkway rather than the expressway. Generally, I avoid the fast roads unless someone is bleeding. Americans are in too much of a hurry anyhow. Everything is more beautiful at 25 mph. Except the car behind me.

This time the trip was different than it has been the past five months. Something big was missing. The snows of winter had melted away. Only a few ugly piles remain to guard the far end of parking lots.

Last night, everything froze again. Again, the edges of the creek were laced with gossamer ice bravely shining back at the afternoon sun.

Winter got an encore.


Anonymous said...

While we and our fruit trees were celebrating the vernal equinox, winter refused to leave without a Parthian shot at the new blossoms, sifting down two inches of powdery snow that melted this morning in respect to the change of season. Now we're hoping for peaches, plums, pears and peaceful access to health care. Reporting from Texas. Bob

The South Plainsman said...

Most of the snow melted today, thank goodness.

I am going to sue Al Gore to make him warm things up. Am sick of the cold.

Dunno about you, Bob, but I worked and earned my medical care. Doesn't seem right for me to have to pay for yours.

Nance said...

I'm with the Plainsman; it's all Al Gore's fault. The old superstition goes, "Naming, calls." Translation: if you speak the words, you call the phenomenon down on yourself. Maybe that's why the Reactionary Right is so terrified of recognizing what Thomas Friedman has dubbed Global Weirding.

JohnSBoles said...

Another great piece George.

Too bad the comments include such crap.

SP, here's the difference. I am willing to share. You are not. You believe everyone had your same opportunities to get where you are. I do not. The authors of the theology in which I believe compel me to help others. Your beliefs, it would seem, do not.

We both spent the early years of our lives at the Whites Only drinking fountains. Did you think any of those others were going to grow up to be you?

ArchGrafiX said...

Hmmmm. I didn't see so much wrong with what The South Plainsman said, John, although I often see him and his comments as pretty narrow. I LIKE to share, too, if I have the resources to do so (not often, these days).

I was in the service for four years and I can't believe I am medically covered for life because of that short stint, making more money than I needed as a frugal stateside military journalist at a Texas pilot training base, not risking life and limb like many service personnel were at the time in 'Nam. It just doesn't seem fair, somehow. But I can't seem to bring myself to reject the VA health coverage. Call me weak, call me fallible, but call me an ambulance if I ever have a serious health issue.

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