Monday, April 5, 2010

Catbirds and robins

Here we go.

This weekend, we set up the screen porch. A month early. The snow pack has melted. There’s new green stuff at the ends of trees. Soon, we’ll have to mow. It’s time.

Of course, this being Minnesota, we run the risk of a passing April snowfall. But this time, the sun will help keep the nights warm. Yes, the nights, too.

That’s young Tom in the photo, left side. We call him Young Tom because he’s still in his fifties. That's me, Old George, on the right. We call him Honey.

In years past, the Mystery Woman would put up the screen porch single-handed. She likes to create things. She could assemble the puzzle in about two hours.

Later, when we began to giggle on a permanent basis, I would help. It would take about two hours.

Now, because of our rickety strength supplies, we hired Young Tom to help us. It took about two hours.

On our block, neighbors tell us they mark the start of Spring and the end of Fall by whether our porch is up or down.

Of course, I'm writing this from the porch. It's 53 degrees and feels good.

I guess I write about adventures from the porch in hyperbole. Visitors are sometimes surprised at how small the porch really is. Street level, too.

Small, yes, but from here the whole world opens up. Did you see that robin? Can you hear the children at the playground? Hello to John the postman. How you been?

It’s geezerlicious. (Stolen by permission.)


Nance said...

Our screened porch is set up, new plants installed, but the pine pollen is so bad, we can't inhabit it yet even though the temps are in the seventies and all of birddom is twitterpated. I'm envious.

The South Plainsman said...

Back in God's Country, Spring is here. Evenings on the back patio are now delightful, and I can also do a bit of work in the flower beds when I want to.

The squirrels are pregnant (at least the and the mourning and white winged doves are mating. The pair of cardinals is back. No hummingbirds yet, but the feeder is back up.

The wind does blow a bit, but no dust so far.

All is well with the world.

Ken said...

Since The South Plainsman brought up squirrels, I must point you to this hilarious site on Squirrel Fishing. Yes, you read it right.
Go to:

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