Monday, April 19, 2010

Sarah Palin out of the closet

Movin’ on up. Sarah Palin is making so much money that I expect her to come out as an Episcopalian any day now. Entry level.

Tell me something. Are those socialists who want me to have socialist health care the same socialists who want me to have Medicare? Are they the same socialists who want me to have Social Security? Devious while dumb.

“Once they finished shaving the cats, the glamour event of the dog grooming show began.” So starts a NYTimes article about Intergroom, a three-day trade show for the doggy biz. Last year, in a fit of canine topiary, one dog was turned into a peacock. Funny story, photos. I wonder why the Times put the story in the sports pages?

The Mystery Woman got an early birthday present: an outdoor thermometer based on an invention by Galileo a long time ago. The device is a glass chamber filled with weighted balls suspended in a clear liquid. The balls are red (hot), orange (temperate) and blue (you get the picture). The colored balls rise and fall according to the temperature. Reds when it’s hot. Blue balls when it’s cold. And I have the strangest sensation that my voice is changing.

1 comment:

Nance said...

You're in fine form today, George! We have one of those thermometers; it's pretty, but, when I want to know the temperature, I still look at the digital barometer that covers all the bases. I like having both; one for my right brain and one for my left.

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