Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tea Party silent on Wall Street? Arizona?

Seriously, why hasn’t the Tea Party jumped all over the Arizona immigration law? Talk about government getting into your lives – “Papers please.” First, they came for the Hispanics …

Same question, different issue: why hasn’t the Tea Party gnarled at Wall Street for robbing all America? You folks need to replace that hate and anger with some positive ideas.

Glenn Beck has lost over one million viewers since January. But actually, the dip would be deeper were it not for the fact that Fox is bundled with basic cable in most cities whereas high-toned MSNBC is not. So it’s not apples to apples. More like horse apples to apples.

There’s a suspicion hereabouts that Texas Gov. Rick Perry may have popped that coyote to impress Sarah Palin. He‘s either a helluva shot or a terrible jogger. Normally, exercise revs up the heart rate and spoils the aim even when it is laser guided. Show me the carcass.


The South Plainsman said...

You clearly have not been to any Tea Party events. The Wall Sreet situation is a big issue there.

As for Arizona....give that some time. The law has not been in effect for over a week yet.

I do doubt that tea partiers will get into that very much until the whole issue of immigration reform comes up on the national level, and I suspect when it does, the Tea Party, as such, will be as divided on that issue as everyone else is.

The tea partiers are mainly concerned with high national deficits and debt, along with Wall Street bailouts and the prospect of higher taxes. Those are things that everyone should be concerned about.

Ken said...

Re: Arizona immigration law. Are Hispanics much involved in the Tea Partiers? I don't know.

As for Perry's allegly killing a coyote, maybe he's just drafting in the press that our macho land commissioner got: front page story, two photos, 'cause he carries a 22 magnum pistola in his left boot and has an office full of weapons. Perry would like some of that action, you reckon?

Anonymous said...

Where are all the "Drill Baby, Drill!" folks when we need them most...the Gulf is a mess. They would probably find blame for wasting valuable oil. Bill

Anonymous said...

Most people baggin on Beck have never tuned in to him. Just as most people down on the Tea Party have no idea what goes on at those rallies. The "Progressive" left is so embarrassed/disappointed by Obama and his inept admin they are looking to throw darts at anything and everything that represents rational opposition.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Actually, I do listen to Beck. Not often. I really hate vomiting. But I listen. Years ago, I found sense in about 30% of what he said. Under 10% now. Now, over 90% of the time his limbaugh-like self-assurance and self-promotion, coupled with his inconsistencies, illogic, and out-right lies frighten the hell out of me because I fear there are way too many gullible people out there that buy into his garbage. Signs and wonders. We're on a fast sled to hell when so many people consider this babbling baboon the voice of the people.

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