Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gulf oil spill a month later ...

Memo to President Obama
RE: the BP oil spill

Sorry, Boss. Just appointing a study commission won’t cut it.

We need dramatic, drastic action to save the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys and the Eastern Seaboard – hell, maybe even the Atlantic Ocean.

Nobody trusts BP to fix this mess. Every hour, BP lies about how much oil is spewing out. Every hour. They are more concerned with covering their corporate ass than the terrible sludge that is destroying life in our wetlands.

Take charge, Mr. President. If we don’t have the technology, commandeer theirs. If we don’t have the manpower, call up the National Guard. If you have to, use helmets for buckets.

Do something.


Lillah said...

Agreed Geo! Stuff is already washing up in vero north of us!

Anonymous said...

Not at all, George. At least he could say he's talked to Kevin Costner...something. Throw us a bone. Joann

Anonymous said...

Obama is breaking my heart.

The South Plainsman said...

As a person who has had a long experience with the oil and gas business (onshore), I would come to Obama's defense on this (believe it or not!).

There are a lot of things that the government is not and cannot be equipped to do.

This sort of thing is one of them. The government has no capability to deal with this after the fact.

They could have had either the Clinton Administration, the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration, or any of the Congresses since 1994, implemented the plan developed by the MMS(Minerals Management Service) to deal with blowouts offshore.

The money to implement the plan was never appropriated, nor did anyone push it. As a result, the MMS is not prepared to deal with it, and they have to rely on British Petroleum to do so now.

Had the MMS done their job and been diligent about enforcing existing policies, the event may have been avoided.

My view is that displacing the drilling mud with water during the cementing process in a well that had already been "kicking" was the mistake that led to the blowout. The failure of the blowout preventer let it get away from them.

Once that occurs at that water depth, there is little technology available that is proven. If anyone has the technology, it is BP. The government certainly does not.

I think that any study done will find that the only new rule required will be to have them leave the mud in the hole. Otherwise, enforcing the existing rules will work. The MMS failed to do that with any vigor.

I never believed I would ever be defending Obama. LOL

Escaped Waco Alive said...

An interesting, informative post, Plainsman.

Blame is collective here across several administrations. The question is whether we a a country will learn from this.

We don't lurn reel gud in this country. I no. I teach. (Yes, boys and girls...actual mistakes taken from college level term papers. Jesus wept.)

Anonymous said...


This is so big it is going to change eco conditions for generations.

Anonymous said...

President is an incompetent handwringer. But this should come as no surprise, he's a lawyer and he's surrounded himself by lawyers and thugs.

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