Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another true story from the porch

The Mystery Woman has a soothing voice. She is blessed with good diction that smooths her Texas roots. In her speckled past, she has done voice over work for her production company.

So it was not unnatural when she began to read to us on the porch. Out loud. It was just like when Doris Day would burst into song in the movies. (Note to self: find a different example. The MW never liked Doris.)

To continue.

Not only was her voice comfortable, so were the words. I found myself transported back home to a more simple time. Childhood images began to linger in the air. At times, I thought I could smell blueberry muffins about to come out of the oven. I swear I could taste the gravy covering a quality chicken fried steak. And the carrots slathered in butter and cinnamon!

Take me now, Lord.

That’s when I realized she was reading selected passages from the book Eddie Wilson wrote: “Threadgill’s, the Cookbook.”

Maybe I’ve been whining too much about how much I miss Texas cooking. Ya think?

PS -- You would enjoy this little book. It’s about every day food. Southern cooking. A travel guide of sorts. As Eddie says: Threadgill’s Restaurant is a museum of Austin music history and a shrine to Kenneth Threadgill, the grandfather of Austin Country music. And Eddie is a good writer who shares his insights which are unusual and down home in the same breath. More than 40,000 copies sold last I heard.

Don’t forget -- at Threadgill’s, seconds are free.


Anonymous said...

Seconds are free...And macaroni and cheese is a vegetable in Oklahoma.

Remember that from the menu? I'll eat a second helping for you next time I'm there....


Anonymous said...

why, oh why, did you have to mention cfs??????? i'm a woman far from home...and weak. weak. weak. eons ago, coming home from a houston football game, we "tailgated" at a roadhouse outside of bryan-college station. when the waitress asked my husband did he want brown or white gravey with his cfs, i swear he had an orgasm...right there in the dining room! in public!

Cowtown Pattie said...

I'll have to check it out! But, there ain't but one way to eat okra, last I checked. That's fried.

Okra on the grill?

Sounds kinda nasty...pretty much is...LOL

The South Plainsman said...

I might kill for a good chicken fried steak.

They are few and far between these days.

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