Monday, June 28, 2010

Appropos of nothing

Alfred Hitchock received an angry letter from a father who was concerned that his daughter would stop showering after seeing Janet Leigh hacked to death in “Psycho.” The lass had already stopped bathing since a bathtub drowning scene in a French movie. Hitchcock drolly replied, “Send her to the dry cleaners.”

A buddy who spent a lost weekend recently at Old Miss quotes the student body saying, “We don’t win many football games but we never lose a party.” Tradition!

One pundit has a name for other pundits who leave angry, yet anonymous, posts on blogs. He calls them keyboard cowboys.

The Weather Channel was ahead of the tornado outbreak which spawned more than 30 twisters in Minnesota. The weather honey said Minneapolis had a five in ten chance of getting hit. “Five in ten,” she said. “That’s nearly half.” Cue the lightning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In Austin our TV weather mavens breathlessly announce as the temperature hovers around the century mark, about a 10% chance of rain. Being somewhat less optimistic, I prefer to look at it as having a 90% chance that it ain't gonna rain.

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