Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little snap shots

Enterprising reporters turned up this quote from the 15-year-old neighbor of one of the deep-cover Russian spies just caught by the FBI: “She can’t be a spy,” the kid said, “Look what she’s done with the hydrangeas.”

Former Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe died recently. He was a very wealthy man yet a common man. And Briscoe stories began. Here’s a good one from Roy Bragg, writing in the San Antonio Express News: “One woman said she went to his office to buy two copies of his memoirs for each of her grandchildren,” a friend said, recalling a story that happened two years ago. “He knew her and he knew her economic situation. He gave her the books and told her, ‘Just bring me some tomatoes.'”

More than $3,000 is spent EVERY SECOND on the World Wide Web. That’s around the clock. So say horny financial writers.

The word bankruptcy comes from the Italian tradition of conducting banking transactions on wooden benches in marketplaces. And banca rupta means broken bench. No translation necessary.


Blog of Ages said...

Correction. Those were likely tech writers. But horny all the same.

AustinBulldog said...

I am reminded by the Briscoe anecdote that in one of the Godfather movies, Marlon Brando dies while playing with a grandson in a tomato patch. I guess he coulnd't have been a gangster. Look what he did with the tomatoes.

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