Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The magic porch

The porch is open for business.

Actually, we put up the screens in April but June was a tad cool. Now, the weather is just right.

First-time visitors are sometimes surprised how small it is – about 8’ by 16’ on a good day. But even on a bad day, the view is not bound by the curve of the earth. At least not in our mind’s eye. You can see stuff at the outer limits of your imagination.

If you want to.

For us, this little sanctuary is sometimes a cathedral that is open to the beauty of the sun’s rays back-lighting a single raindrop on a single leaf.

Sometimes the porch is a refuge that protects us from the storm.

Often the porch is a window that frames children laughing on their way back to school after a field trip to Minnehaha Falls just blocks away.

Bestest are the times on the porch visiting with friends, relatives, neighbors.

Like yesterday, when 89-year-old Virginia made it to the to the porch for the first time since she had surgery to repair her broken hip. She came barefoot to feel the warmth in first person.

We live together, the three of us – Virginia, the Mystery Woman and me. Three older people with a full pack of health issues. You name it, we got it. So we take care of one another. Sometimes it is difficult but fortunately we all like each other.

That makes our time together on the porch all the more special.

Come join us next time you are in the neighborhood. Enjoy the magic.

Bring white wine.


The South Plainsman said...

I love porches. Mine is in use most of the year. When I can, I sit out there a couple of hours a day.

Last night I sat out there and watched a Momma Robin feed three of her almost grown babies along the back fence. They were big enough to get to the fence, but apparently still relying on Mom to feed them.

It was good that my puppy dog was still in the kennel (we had just gotten home from a trip).

I consider my porch a chapel as well.

Its open all year long....even have heat if needed.

You and the Mystery Woman are always invited to come by. White wine is complimentary.

sph said...

I prefer red, and yes, it the bestest porch I have ever enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Older life is amazing. The truth of beauty lies in simplicity. Such a pity that it takes so many years to behold such a thing. Your porch writings lend credibility to the time Don and I spend on out patio watching the birds and squirrels nibbling sunflower seeds, " and I think to myself, what a wonderful world." Thank you for the good words today.

paula said...

You three are my kind of people. I might just take you up on that invitation some day.

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