Monday, July 26, 2010


Angelina Joli, a home-wrecker with six kids and a handful of humanitarian awards, is the subject of an unauthorized biography written by faux-fiction writer Andrew Morton. The book scheduled for release next month. Whether sourced or not, Morton gets close to his subjects. Consider: when he writes that Angie has a tattoo near her nethers commemorating Billy Bob Thornton, Morton revels it is in Helvetica typeface. Here's the question, Mort -- would that be bold or italic? Centered or flush left? All caps? Exclamation point?

Comic king Stan Lee isn’t satisfied with just creating Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, etc. Now he has unveiled the Super Seven, a group of ink-and-paper heroes who defy convention with powers never conceived before. “Think chubbiness as a weapon,” says the 87-year-old master.

Know what the Senate Dining Room in D.C. is famous for? Beans.

We could make a lot of money if we started selling sippy cups with the Congressional Seal conspicuously imprinted. And maybe bobble-heads, too.


JohnSBoles said...

Re: sippy cups and bobble heads. I don't see a market larger than 535 units of each.

Grammie said...

Great title!
Love your blog....

paula said...

Yes, navy bean soup. I've been there and I'm sure you have been, too.

Faux fiction, indeed...Love it!

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