Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dead blogs everywhere

Dead and dying. More than 200 million people call themselves ex-bloggers. The fad is fading. Does that mean the myth of iReporters is passing, too?

In an article about the death of the Web, a hopeful young geek said, “We’ll always have Web pages. We still have post cards don’t we?"

Another wrote “Dead blogs litter the Internet like squashed bugs on a windscreen during a warm Southern evening.”

What did we used to call this movie staple: A pool of water, thickened with oatmeal, sprinkled over the top with wine corks. Give up? Quicksand.

In a recent New Yorker, we read that flight attendants often get gassy from the constant changes in cabin pressure. The poor dears sometimes relieve themselves by passing gas as they walk up and down the aisle. According to the New Yorker, they call it “crop dusting.”


Anonymous said...

scared me to death!

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

I am a Luddite, so it makes sense that I am still blogging and gaining an ever-larger audience--for which I have you to thank. It's not just a "fad" for me.

"Blog of Ages" was (and still is) my inspiration for getting started in the first place.

As you once told me, writing daily posts is a difficult and thanklessly heartbreaking commitment. I would guess this is why so many blogs die: their authors just run out of steam.

I hope you will please keep yours going. I read your installments right away whenever you post them, and I love 'em! I am delighted by your "voice" which enriches the blogosphere.

Keep it up!



The South Plainsman said...

Agree with Dan about you keeping on.

I rarely write on mine. It is not that I don't have anything to say. I just don't want to take the time.

paula said...

Yeah, I've noticed,also, that blogs are shutting down. I'm planning to trim down my blogroll to reflect the loss of at least six of my favorite blogs. Hope you won't follow suit. We'd all be poorer for it, if you did. How else can we keep up on your and The Mystery Woman's doings in Minneapolis? Or even Texas?
Facebook and Twitter are taking the place of blogs, but I can't see any advantage to limiting my character count, can you? Maybe some readers wish I would think small, but it's too much fun to write with no editor hovering over, telling me to keep it brief.

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