Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiatus interruptus

(Sorry for the dry spell. Blame it on adjusting to new meds. Still loopy. A little.)

I love my iPad and MacBook. But using iTunes as the middleware is like having Sarah Palin mediate a discussion between Hitchens and Hawking… David McCreath, techie.

I don’t want to die without a hunting dog by my bed… a Minnesota hunter.

Write this down: way off the coast of Chile lies an island named Salay Gomez. If you reach Easter Island, you’ve gone too far. Chile owns both.

Note to city planners: stop laying out cities on East/West grids.That guarantees commuters will have to squint going and coming. Dummies. North/South, same thing. Dummies redux.

Now. For something really funny, read what James Lileks wrote in his column about “Grocery” as one of those words that never goes out in public alone. God, he’s funny. Click here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I certainly want to die with a hunting dog by my side.
I have a dear, sweet, beautiful English Setter.
She is the only creature in the world that will love me without reservation, no matter what I do.

South Plainsman

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