Thursday, September 9, 2010

Palin and Beck -- angels or demons?

Dollar to a doughnut – Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are setting a trap and the main street media keep tumbling over the precipice like a stampede of lemmings.

On 9/11, the conservative darlings are holding a thing in Anchorage. Subject and purpose to be announced. Tickets cost from $65 to $200. Their promoter says the date is just a coincidence. So was their rally on the MLK anniversary – just a coincidence. Sure.

The blogosphere is buzzing bad about the 9/11 sacrilege. Ditto newspapers and TV.

Full disclosure: I really don’t like Palin or Beck. But I think they are too media savvy to host a fund-raising event on 9/11 just to line their own pockets. Too cunning.

I think they picked the date, then sat back and waited for the MSM to take the bait.

You watch (I can’t). They will contort the event into something heaven sent. Don’t be surprised if they baptize a child or two. Or announce the gate receipts will be used to fund a new flag factory in Alaska.

And the MSM will have egg on its face at the height of the salmonella scare.

Dark angels can do that.


AustinBulldog said...

Your thesis seems sound. Reminds me of the promise of a Florida preacher to hold a Burn-a-Quran on 9/11. He, too, is getting tons of attention (plus 100 death threats, according to an article I read, hence his decision to strap a .40 caliber pistol to his hip).

The South Plainsman said...


Seems like a good Saturday night to hold a patriotic gathering.

The folks that want to burn a Quran ought to be strung up.

So should the folks that burn Bibles, or US flags.

Blog of Ages said...

If they do use 9/11 to raise $$$ for themselves, that would be shameful. But Beck and Palin have no shame. They've proven that time and again with repeated lies, misinformation.

You are free to choose your own heroes. And you can define patriotism any way you choose.

Beck and Palin will go the way of Joe McCarthy soon enough.

Blog of Ages said...

As the worm turns...

This morning, we get news that Beck claims the fee from Saturday's event at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The organization provides scholarships and services to families of military members.

What took him so long? He was milking the publicity, honey.

paula said...

I just want to announce that my husband and I will NOT invade Saudi Arabia, as we previously planned to do on this day in retaliation for whatever that nation did to raise 17 of the 19 September 11 terrorists. We are available for commment and photos (fee list up request).

Anonymous said...

It is disturbing to hear a judge say that people should be "strung up" for actions that they have a constitutional right to participate in. I am frightened that the South Plainsman is publicly advocating for vigilante violence on individuals. It is time for his law license to be revoked because of these inflammatory remarks. He is advocating the use of violence on individuals.

John S. Boles said...

To Anonymous, say what? SP certainly does not need my assistance in any way, but perhaps you do. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

What part of "strung up" do you not get Mr. Boles? or perhaps you advocate lynching as well. What an embarrassment to our justice system!

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