Saturday, September 4, 2010

Political nuts: a bumper crop

It’s a legitimate question: if Glenn Beck was wearing body armor at his spectacle, do you think Sarah Palin was wearing Kevlar, too? Her white jacket looked a little boxy.

Frankly, I think Glenn Beck has jumped the shark, and Jonah and the whale. His piety sounds a bit tinny to evangelicals who do not share his Mormon conversion beliefs. Hell, many Mormons don’t either. I’ve said it before: we are watching a man breakdown on national TV. It’s sad.

There’s a change underfoot wherein politicians don’t meet with the press and don’t answer questions. Sarah Palin has honed it to an art. And her adoring followers don’t care. They hate reporters.

It’s spreading. Witness Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer stonewalling when she was asked to clarify her assertion that beheadings were common in her state. (Not true.) No more debates for Gov. Brewer either (she bombed). Tea Baggers may find this great sport – but wait until these nuts get elected and stop answering questions from voters. Accountability, ancient history?

How about Sharon Angle, the Nevada crazy woman who runs from reporters she called to her own press conference?

Joe Miller, the Tea Bagger from Alaska who would be senator, says his funding comes from God. Bulletin: don’t tithe.

And Rand Paul, a heavenly gift. Verily.

It’s opponents like these giving Democrats some hope, current polling notwithstanding.

Term limits, you say. At least 78% of Americans see term limits as an answer. Think again, please. There are no term limits on the lobby or the bureaucrats. They would eat the freshmen for lunch.

It’s a tough choice. Should we elect nuts or professional liars?


The South Plainsman said...

The entire political class has failed us. There are not many in the Congress that do not deserve to be defeated.

I cannot disagree with you about the political class being full of nuts and liars.

Let us hope that neither those on the right or on the left should have the need to wear Kevlar. That would imply assaassination attempts, which would be horrible for the country.

I have no desire to relive the

But I do see a political revolution in the making. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

AustinBulldog said...

To your long list of those who won't answer to the press, add Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who not only won't meet with newspaper editorial boards but won't give his challenger, Bill White, the opportunity to debate.

The newspapers and some TV outlets are banding together to put on a debate anyway, even if it's only for Bill White.

It will be interesting to see if Perry caves and participates or gives White the exposure with no argument.

Blog of Ages said...

Despite all its assets, the GOP still faces hurdles. It suffers a disadvantage in fundraising, a national organization in shambles, an inconsistent message, and bruises from a tumultuous primary season — all factors that could make the difference between winning and winning big.

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