Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tea Bag sound and fury, signifying the usual

Good Lord.

The Tea Baggers are turning against Andy Griffith. All because he cut a TV spot supporting the new health care bill. Mayberry, Oh Mayberry.

On top of that comes news that Kelsey Grammer is among the investors launching a Tea Baggers TV network called RightNetwork. Not surprisingly, the first series will track the progress of Tea Party candidates. Quick, say Fox News. Now spell redundant.

The “liberal press” is recent history. The list of right wing media outlets is bigger than I can remember. Is all of talk radio aimed at conservatives?

Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are cooking up something in Alaska for 9/11, thereby upending the unwritten tradition of dignified observance for this dark day.

My money is on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Both are hinting broadly that they are moved to skewer the parade started by Glenn Beck, the modern-day Music Man. Maybe a truthiness rally? If you don’t watch Stewart and Colbert, you should give them a try. Colbert has better writers, but Stewart is funnier. Heads up: their satire is an acquired taste. Especially Colbert.

Olde Salty, a N. Carolina beach restaurant, has adopted a strict no-tantrum policy for unruly children. That would be the end of politics as we know it.


Anonymous said...

They are both wonderful. If you want a good chuckle, go to YouTube and watch them at the Emmy Awards:

Two words -- "Godless Sodomites."

- Denise

Anonymous said...

This clip is louder and clearer:


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