Thursday, October 7, 2010

Screened porch days are numbered

Not only do we talk about the weather, we do something about it, too.

We are pushing our luck on leaving the screen porch up too long. Once again, the little shelter gave us a summer of sanctuary. You know the routine: a little wine, a little music, the stars come out, the neighbors come over. Good stuff.

But reality comes out of the north in Minnesota. Soon, it will be too cold to sit outside so the screen porch has to come down in a few days.

Not this week. Thanks to Indian Summer weather. A generous gift.

Until I connected with Minnesota, I never had the opportunity to watch a whole forest change colors. Awesome, delicate beauty that you can almost taste. Texas, of course, has the Piney Woods but I grew up in Lubbock. Tumbleweeds don’t have brilliant hues unless you think gray is silver. And sage isn't purple unless you squint.

Between St. Paul and Minneapolis, the urban forest along the Mississippi River gorge offers a changing palate of gold -- yellow, orange and red trees against a shimmering blue sky.

I study the trees. Not to learn anything. I don’t even know their names. Wanda, maybe. I study the trees to relax and to feel good.

Many trees start changing colors from the top down. Golden tree tops touching the sky while reaching for the earth.

Some trees just can’t wait and start their new color scheme early. These trees literally pop in bright contrast to the dark greens trees next in nature's queue.

The slightest breeze can cast a spell of falling leaves. On some streets, when the tree canopy lets go, it’s like raining leaves. And it lifts your spirits. Magical.

I’m going to check with the Mystery Woman. She knows the weather up here pretty good after 31 years of bus duty while teaching in public schools.

I’ll ask her if we can leave the screen porch up a week or so longer.

We do love it.


The South Plainsman said...

I would love to come up and sit on your porch, and have you come sit on mine.

Fortunately, I don't have to close mine. There are times that it gets too cold, but not so much. So I am blessed.

Right now, it appears that most of the birds that summer here are gone, leaving the few that will winter here.

The humming birds made their last appearance a few evenings ago, so I suspect they have migrated.

The squirrels appear to be fat, and ready for winter.

The wild geese have not appeared yet, so Indian Summer should continue for a while.

Most of the flowers are still blooming, delaying the planting of pansies for the winter and spring.

I am about to rig up my outdoor fireplace soon, though. Want to be prepared.

A porch is really a great plce to sit and meditate and be at one with the world.

Anonymous said...

"...cast a spell of falling leaves." Lines like that are about all you need to follow this blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I see the magic of Minnesota has captured you...good. Bill

jb said...

I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, taking in the unique sites, smells, sounds of this state. I have to say that seeing it through your eyes is truly a delight and opens up new perceptions of things I sometimes take for granted. You are wonderful.

Nance said...

A visit to your porch sounds like just what the doctor ordered: to be among like-minded people who love to write and share a little wine on an early autumn evening. Perfection.

Blog of Ages said...

A salon on 42nd Avenue. Or is that a typo?

Salon, saloon. Close cousins.

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