Monday, October 4, 2010

Take back America

After two weekends of demonstrations at the Washington Mall, we’re finally getting somewhere in the national discourse. The argument has narrowed down to this: who bussed in the most people? Which side had the biggest crowd? Size is important, especially when it comes to screwing the public.

This much we know for sure: the right wingers did a better job of cleaning up after themselves than did the communists. But the mess left on the Mall could be nothing more than the beginnings of a leftist jobs program.

Confession: I have a man crush on Jon Stewart. He is one of the best satirists ever. But now that CNN's Rick Sanchez has been fired after criticizing Jon and the Jews Who Control TV, I think Jon should take the high road and stop banging on the poor guy. After all, he did lose his job.

Republican Sharron Angle, senate candidate from Nevada, has changed her position and lied so many times I’ve lost count. Now she has been caught on tape blasting the GOP for losing their principles. Don’t let her kiss your baby.

Take back America -- if you still have the receipt.


Anonymous said...

Jon S. has skewered (?) the folks at Fox beuatifully. But he as you say might ease up a bit...except when they are TOTALLY nazi-ites. Where in the name of all that is CHRISTIAN (?) HAS truth, honesty, common sense gone? That bunch of women running as carpet baggers are unbelievable. Bill

Ken Martin said...

Your comment about taking back America reminded me of a group of conservatives here in Austin in the late 1990s that named themselves "Take Back Austin."

They vowed to raise $250,000 to back a slate of three council candidates, picked their candidates, endorsed them, and didn't raise a fraction of that amount, despite the deep pockets of the founders. Have money, wouldn't spend much of their own.

The idea was to overcome the strength of the environmentally backed liberals who occupied the mayor and council seats. All their candidates lost.

As I wrote in my newsletter at the time, Take Back Austin took back nothing.

Hope the current slate of national conservatives meet a similar fate.

The South Plainsman said...

Gonna pass on most of this, but have to comment that Angle is right about the Republicans.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Print up a batch of the "take back America-if you still have the receipt" and you'll get rich. I'd buy a bunch, at least. Mighty funny writin' there, Geo.

Escaped Waco Alive said...

Meant to recommend you print that statement as a bumper sticker. Beer, BBQ, and an iPad...not a good combo for communicating effectively. (Found a GREAT BBQ joint...been here three of the past four days...and it's WiFi equipped. BBQ sauce on the iPad face is distracting, however.)

paula said...

you're on a roll, george. three keepers in one week!

Nance said...

Love this and put me down for a bumper sticker!

I hate it that Jon and Rick Sanchez butted heads. I enjoyed Rick's show--he was usually on at the gym when I was clocking miles on the recumbent bike. I shall miss him.

Blogger meet up at the October 30th rally?

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