Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weather forecast -- that's easy up here

We took our three-season screened porch down yesterday. It’s a marker, the neighbors say, that red-lines reality from fall into winter. Reality that the first inch of our annual 48 inches of snow is due any day now.

Once again, Young Tom hired out to help us. He’s in his fifties. The task is just too much for us. We would have to set our pacemakers on stun to even attempt it alone – all that reaching, pulling, straining, hauling. Nope. It’s much easier to supervise. The Mystery Woman was born to supervise.

As the porch makes the passage from season to season, our world changes. Each year, we rush to set up our gauzy screen on the front porch. We start and end most every day in the little sanctuary. And, quite naturally, we drag our heels at taking it down.

But we must. The snows, the snows.

To honor the change, we put down a fire shield, drug out the fire extinguisher from the kitchen, set up the fire pit and whoosh, we enjoyed a fire on the front porch. A little early. The night-time temps were in the 60’s but the neighbors just smiled. They like to see old folks having fun -- near food and shelter.

For months, I have been saving any paperwork that might be useful if someone wanted to steal my identity. Don't laugh. The bastards already got most of my hair.

So last night, I burned the bills in the first fire of the season. Probably illegal. Not too smart, either. This morning, I discovered a piece of a torn check that included all the necessary numbers along with my name and address.

Wine makes you go blind.


Ken Martin said...

Nice, George, as always. Rebecca envies you the snow but as for me you can keep all but that first inch.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful the way you describe aging. BIll

Larry said...

damn a shredder!

Blog of Ages said...

A shredder, you see, does not provide a stable drinking platform. Plus, the fire pit sets up a longer time frame in which to drain the wine bottle.

I've thought this out very carefully.

The South Plainsman said...

The weather on the South Plains has been wonderful for the last month. Highs in the 70s and lows around 50. We did have a fron strangler 3 nights ago....about 3 inches with some hail.

My back porch has been fabulous in the evenings, although most of the birds have gone south, and the wild geese have yet to arrive.

My fireplace is still undercover, but not for long. The arrival of the Canada geese will probably signal the arrival of colder weather, so I will uncover it then.

Today we plant the pansies to provide some winter color in the yard. I have five flats of them, so tonight the old back will be sore. But the bright colors through the winter will be worth it.

The South Plainsman said...

Well, I thought I proof read it. Too much wine last night, I guess. lol

Frog strangler was the term. Lots of rain, fast.

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