Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All turkeys are frozen in Minnesota

The temperature dipped to 14 degrees last night. But the weather heads says it’s going to get cold by Friday.

This kind of weather requires some planning, especially if you are not within walking distance of a liquor store. The grocery today was filled with demographics my age wearing mis-matched hats and gloves. I was there, too.

We’re expecting a wintry mix the next few days off and on. I don’t know how, but frozen mist hangs in the air. Ice is coating everything. I worried about the seagull cruising overhead looking for Lake Superior. What kind of de-icer do birds need?

Sunday, freezing rain made driving a contact sport. Nearly 500 fender-benders. Some serious. After all these years of winter experience, you would think people would stay home. Every year, ice is slick.

Reader alert: anybody who has ever said “ice fishing” out loud can skip the rest of this and go grab a beer. Everybody else, listen up. The state sets out guidelines for people who like to walk on water – after it has turned to ice.
2 inches or less – stay off
4 inches – ice fishing OK
5 inches – snowmobile or ATV
8 to 12 inches – car or small pickup
12 to 15 inches – medium size truck

At first, this struck me as humorous but it is serious stuff. Every year, people fall through the ice and die. A quarter of those who are killed are 9 years old or younger.

Bundle up. Preferably with someone you love.


The South Plainsman said...

Meanwhile, down here in God's Country, the temps are in the 70s during the day, although they are due to drop into the 40s and 50s over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Bundle up, thaw a turkey, cook it and have a happy day.

Anonymous said...

The weather mavens in Awe-stun are predicting a Thankgiving cold snap. According to them it is going to drop into the low 40's with rain. Brrrrr.

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