Friday, November 19, 2010

Gadsden Flag displays your ...

Display your (fill in the blank) with a personalized Gadsden Flag license plate on your car. Starting in Virginia, perhaps a national movement? Curious timing – just as the driverless car is ready for the road.

More transportation news. AMTRAK expects a bump in ridership thanks to the growing irritation with TSA airport pat-downs. Someone noted that not a single terrorist had been captured by TSA but 23 TSA employees have been arrested for stealing from passengers.

Nate Silver reports: "Other passengers may substitute car travel for air travel. But this too has its consequences, since car travel is much more dangerous than air travel over all. According to the Cornell study, roughly 130 inconvenienced travelers died every three months as a result of additional traffic fatalities brought on by substituting ground transit for air transit. That’s the equivalent of four fully-loaded Boeing 737s crashing each year."

Someone else has proposed special flights just for parents with unruly children. Might work. Already, there are planes set aside just for pets. Someone else wants jets just for geezers. Another wants special treatment for overweight people. Next thing you know, there will be flights waving the Gadsden Flag.

Personal note: The American Flag is my flag.


Ken Martin said...

Now you've done it, George, you made me go look up what a Gadsden Flag looks like. (You might've not taken it for granted that everyone else is as well informed as you about the names of flags.)

But that's petty criticism indeed, for another fine piece. Damn you're good.

The South Plainsman said...

I favor the American Flagas well. The Stars and Stripes. And I fly it on the flagpole in my front yard.

The Gadsden Flag is also an American Flag. I fly it on my flagpole when I want to piss off liberals. LOL

I also have a Texas Flag. I fly that mostly in March.

I may not get those new license plates. Don't want to piss off liberals all of the time. Just around elections.

Flew my Gadsden Flag from Labor Day through November 2, then took it down.

Blog of Ages said...

Of course, the Gadsden Flag is American. But it has come to symbolize division in our nation.

The Stars and Stripes represent the United States of America.

United. That's the key word.

Let's try to have more of the things that unite us and less of the divisive stuff.

The South Plainsman said...

There is disagreement in the country, but who are the ones that are divisive?

The definition of some are that the ones that disagree with them are the divisive ones.

So if I disagree with you, I am divisive. But if you disagree with me you are not.

Something seems a bit wrong about that.

Blog of Ages said...

You're a lawyer, right?

Ross said...

There's always courtesy. Your friend might be fat, but you don't have to say so. People point out distinctions to emphasize differences. They emphasize differences to separate things. To disunify.

That said, I'm for disagreeing. Sometimes, that's all we've got in common.

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