Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GOP success? Don't count on it

Blame George Bush. Seriously.

In a way, his loss paved the way for Republicans to chalk up big wins.

Bear with me.

From 9/11 to the first stimulus package, nothing in Washington worked very well. If at all. So voters got a running start on their anger. That’s the GWB contribution. That's when voters struck the first match.

Obama got in front of that fire line and outran it to the White House. But things started going bad in a hurry. Much of the Democrats’ humiliation was self-inflicted. Obama promised change, but people couldn’t see it happen. Not fast enough for the firestorm building. He passed lots of legislation but his team was inept at selling his accomplishments. They let Republicans keep stoking the fires.

Smooth teleprompter talk, however, could not soothe the voter anger. Too much word jazz. Obama and his team failed to understand the frustration but conservative opportunists did and organized around the nasty mood.

The only good news for Democrats is – in this new world of 24/7 news, Twitter and Facebook – within two days, the voters will have forgotten who won and start printing angry bumper stickers again.

Jobs. The economy. Don’t count on it. Gridlock. Most likely.

Fix Washington? Ain’t going to happen. Too much big money in play. Too much conservative money. Re-boot. That’s about the best you can expect. Wasteful.

And it won’t be pretty. Too much vitriol.

Were it not so dangerous for our country, I almost wish more of their crazies had won (Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller) so we could really see how weird their ideas really are. We’ll just have to make do with Rand Paul.

No matter. The Tea Party need only look at the Census data to see the old white guys’ rule is on its last legs. America is growing more racially diverse by the minute. And someday soon, those new voters will take over.

Everybody will be a minority. With luck, even the K Street lobbyists.


Blog of Ages said...

A new Rasmussen telephone poll today says more expect Republicans to disappoint by 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hellllllp. Which island nation looks good?

The South Plainsman said...

The Republicans always disappoint, but less so than the Democrats.

What the electorate is trying to say, I think, is that it just doesn't like what is going on in Washington, and they are going to change the parties in power until somebody gets it right.

You know and I know that the big money is the big problem. Both sides are so busy helping out their big donors that they forget about the folks that elected them.

The folks are really getting tired of that.

Anonymous said...

A thought (hopefull better than recently!) The Repubs don't take over till next year...they will act like they are already running things....the economy which is painfully slow but recovering..will then start moving bettr late next year and 12...Repubs will take credit..way it goes.
I laughed out loud last night Gov. Barbour said he was sure the Dems would cooperate with the Repub s to fix things..HA...who didn't do one damn thing to help govern the past two years!!!!? It will be In-ter-EST-ing as iit was said on that great comedy show. BIll

Anonymous said...

I'm pumped...I'm excited. I can't wait for our newly elected...oh heck, I was going to write something really snarky about some of the tea electees...but I'm just too depressed. Pass the hemlock, please.

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