Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert -- naive?

Here’s the thing: Glenn Beck wore a bullet-proof vest when he held his rally in Washington. Jon Stewart didn’t. Neither did Stephen Colbert.

Why is that?

I think it underscores the difference between hateful paranoia from Beck and smart-ass fun from Stewart. Anger begets anger. Fun. That’s one difference.

I love Stewart and Colbert. I stay up way past my bedtime to watch their shows. I loved their Rally to Restore Sanity at the Washington Mall.

Having declared my man-crush(es), I must tell you that I think the Stewart and Colbert boys are naive.

They ask too much. It’s too hard.

I want to put aside my anger at the Tea Party candidates like Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, etc. But it’s tough when they keep saying stupid things and doing stupid things like handcuffing reporters and stomping women’s heads.

I want Fox to cool the jets of their on-air ninnies. Doubtful. Very doubtful. Glenn Beck is getting rich off fear. Ditto Rush Limbaugh. Fear laced with greed.

The MSNBC sages also need to dial it back a little. Chris and Keith and Ed don’t like getting poked by the comedians. But they could do us all a service by sweetening their shtick. Olbermann at least has discontinued his segment called “Worst Person in the World.” It’s a start. But he is still pouting at the comparison between what he does and what Fox spews. I’m biased; I don’t blame him.

OK. I’ve said my thing. As a wise man just said, now, you go.


The South Plainsman said...

Stewart and Colbert don't have anything to fear from the people most likely to be politically violent. LOL

Everyone go vote today. It is your right and responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Amen to everything you said, George!!

Ken Martin said...

Regarding Rush Limbaugh, he's on the cover of the Newsweek that just arrived, under a bold headline, "The Power 50."

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