Friday, November 12, 2010

Screw Nat King Cole

Just a few weeks back, we loved the falling leaves. Red, yellow, orange or brown. We were absolutely giddy when the winds shook the leaves loose from the trees and sent them skittering down the street. The banks of the Mississippi were celestial. Painted, surely, by a union member on loan from heaven.

Now, the leaves are starting to piss me off. Two or three times, yards pile up with decaying, brittle plant life devoid of charm, rank or station. Rake them up, mulch them, bag and tag.

Repeat. Often.

Millions are still in the street and are plotting ugly stuff. No longer do the leaves glide to earth on gossamer wings. No more. Now the last stubborn survivors thud to earth. Heavy and dingy.

Gotta get them up before the first snowfall. At this latitude, leaves can clog storm sewers and turn intersections into hockey rinks. Hurry. Snow is possible tomorrow and we live on a snow emergency route. Our street gets plowed early which is helpful because I do too.

The city is put on alert. Pay attention, citizens, to the street sweeper schedule. Your vehicle will be towed if you park in the to-be-cleaned zone. Expensive mistake.

Our street goes both ways. Minnesota is a fairly liberal state.

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The South Plainsman said...

"They try to tell us we're too young........"

And now we are too old to rake the leaves without stressing the pacemaker.

In West Texas we have lost the honey locust leaves, but the rest are still hanging on, waiting for the first hard freeze.

The red oaks are barely beginning to turn, and will probably still be falling on Christmas day.

We had a bumper crop of acorns from the live oaks. Does that portend a hard winter? Or is it just because we had a lot of rain this year.

We do have a record cotton crop, half of which is still in the field, and the farmers are getting the highest price in history for it, thanks the the Fed and "quantitative easing." That will show up in your shopping next year.

The wild Canada geese have not appeared in any numbers yet, so really cold weather is not quite upon us. We wait for the onslaught, hoping La Nina doesn't do us in.

Christmas is only about 6 weeks away. My wife has already decorated. Before Thanksgiving.


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