Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seven point seven inches of snow

Oh. I almost forgot to tell you. It snowed yesterday. Big wet stuff that plops off trees and down your collar if you aren’t vigilant.

Yesterday, beautiful. Today, ugly. It’s those damned leaves we used to love. The Minneapolis municipal street sweepers didn’t make it to our neighborhood but the snow plows did. They shoved the snow, leaves and all, up onto the curb. Dirty stuff. But they had to clear the roads before the snow iced to the streets. Forgivable.

Right now, more snow. Light little flakes. Rear gunners as the storm system drifts toward Wisconsin.

This is my second Big Winter in Minnesota. And I think I’m losing my accent. People talk faster when it is cold.



The South Plainsman said...

We had a dusting of snow in the Panhandle early Friday morning.

The wild geese started arriving on schedule Friday evening.

Winter is here, too. Just not as cold.

Blog of Ages said...

Yesterday, I got out for a walk during the heaviest of the snowfall. At my age, I am never surprised when someone passes me. But the mode of transportation was poles apart: one girl was wearing snowshoes, the other was riding her bicycle.

Fun. These people up here are fun.

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