Monday, November 15, 2010

Tea Party lashes Tea Party

The freshmen congress haven’t even been sworn in and the conservatives are already pounding on their flesh. The Tea Party is acting a lot like a political party despite their protestations of purity.

Several groups are claiming squatters rights for the new members and demanding they are entitled to conduct orientation classes for the true believers.

First, high priests from Freedom Works, the front group for the right wing billionaire Koch Bros., invited the newbies to Baltimore to teach the cataclysms to the innocents.

The Tea Party Patriots were not in the mood to share mind control.

Enter the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank. Word got out they were holding orientation same day as the Patriots. As bona fides, both organizations featured geezer speakers from the Ronal Reagan empire. Nearly normal people.

The Tea Party Patriots send out an angry e-mail that was at the same time paranoid and rabid, They attacked fellow conservatives and Republicans with a clatter of facts that were wrong. To top it off, Patriots published cell phone numbers of most of the ’11 class of freshmen which resulted thunderous phone calls all around. They had to cease, desist and apologize.

That was Friday. Hurry sundown so we can see what entertainment Monday brings.


Anonymous said...

Golly gee, do you think this might be the start of watching the repubs eating their own(I hope)?

The South Plainsman said...

The self appointed, so-called, Tea Party groups like Freedom Works and TP Patriots only represent themselves, not the real Tea Party.

There are a lot of folks who would like to claim some power and influence, but the real TP folks will decide for themselves.

Everyone in Congress, of either political party, had better be aware of the Tea Party's demands of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

The next election won't see candidates like Angle, McDonnell, Buck, etc. They will be much more credible and capable.

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