Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Party: Release the Kraken!

Come with me to yesteryear. Or at least to last Friday.

That’s when we left the Tea Party groups bitch-slapping each other over power and influence among America’s angriest voters. The show was put on by Freedom Works, Claremont Institute, and Tea Party Patriots.

Well, that was Friday.

Today, two more groups have announced plans to set up Tea Party farm teams supposedly, although unsaid, to pre-screen nutty candidates like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell from ever seeing their names on another ballot.

Write these names down: American Majority and American Majority Action. Sounding close enough to be twins, these two non-profits are actually run by twins, Ned and Drew Ryun. They have a rich Republican pedigree having worked for Bush or the GOP or both. Did I mention their father was a Republican congressman?

But their new role as search party is for the Tea Party. Not the Republicans. Got that?

The brothers plan to spend a million bucks or more to anoint proper Tea Party Candidates for 2012. Like I said, the Tea Party is beginning to look a lot like a political party. Even if they represent the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.

Admitting the obvious would give them much more credibility.

Release the Kraken!


The South Plainsman said...

If I follow your logic, then I can form an organization, call myself a liberal, promote obscenity, and it will be the fault of all liberals.

Those guys weren't picked by anybody to do what they claim, certainly not the Tea Party, which is not an organized group.

Of course, some candidate selection might be helpful, as you have so deftly pointed out in posts about Angle, McDonnell, etc.

Everyone wants to jump on the Tea Party bandwagon, and that is fine if they are genuine. But if some nut decides to jump on, you can't logically tear down the whole group because of it. If you could, the Democrats would be in real trouble. LOL

Blog of Ages said...

Two things:

--logic and Democrat cannot exist in the same sentence, and

--must you always use Tea Party with a noun, a verb and "not an organized group"

sph said...

where's the "like" button for the author's last comment.

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