Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willie Nelson arrested on the road again

Why did the Border Patrol arrest 77-year-old Willie Nelson at a checkpoint outside El Paso? Of course he was smoking pot. He’s been smoking pot for almost 70 years. It's a pre-existing condition.

Give the guy a pass and send him on his way. Make it a lifetime pass.

The authorities said they smelled pot when they opened the doors to Willie’s tour bus. Hell, they would smell pot in that particular bus if it were a barn find.

At least Willie practices safe pot – he generally uses some sort of vaporizer. Hmmm. I suppose that does argue the point that the driver would also get high while driving inside that haze. Maybe he was wearing a mask. This is the flu season. Maybe it was medical weed.

Willie, ever the stand-up kinda guy, admitted the pot was his, got charged and the cops released him shortly thereafter. But he could be facing 180 days in county jail if convicted.

Get your bumper stickers ready: FREE WILLIE.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Texas...just can;t come into the present world...POT smoking is a private affair in a bus...privacy ..he ain't out n the street dealing...smoking..he is in his goddam bus. Bill

Anonymous said...

FREE WILLIE! I thought Pot was a simple fine in Texas. --Ira

Ken Martin said...

Being a career Marine, I missed the whole counterculture movement and drug scene, but I've always thought that outlawing pot was a mistake, as old-men lawmakers (whose drug of choice was alcohol) were criminalizing young men's vices (pot). This isn't nearly Willie's first run in over pot possession and probably won't be, so I figure he'll sing his way out of this one, too, with or without the bumper stickers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, La Migra busted Willie Nelson. Our tax dollars at work for us. Of course Willie said the dope was his...if he hadn't he would have been busted for possession with intent to distribute four ounces of marijuana.

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