Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter grumble storm

When it snowed last week, I trudged out to get some pictures of the school yard three doors up from our home. It was a heavy, wet snow. Beautiful, but difficult underfoot.

About half way out in the playground, my hips complained. As I turned back toward the house, I was startled to get sniffed by a big brindle dog who was just happy to get outside. He was pulling his owner, a small young woman wearing something I had never seen in true life – she was wearing snowshoes.

Before I could gather all my amazement, I almost got clipped by another young woman who was little more than a blur. No snowshoes for this one – she was riding her bicycle. In the snow. Nearly seven inches was already on the ground.

This morning, in 19 degree weather but no snow, I watched an older couple briskly walking our block. They take this turn most every morning.

Last night, friends who are lifetime residents of the Twin Cities came over with pizza and booze. They were complaining that there was no snow. I don’t think it was the wine talking. They meant it.

Right on cue, the weatherman writes in the morning paper that an Arctic air mass may squeeze out “bursts” of powdery snow Monday through Wednesday.

Are you happy now?

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