Friday, December 10, 2010

The Arctic, where blizzards come from

They buy hot chocolate by the keg hereabouts.

Winter is coming tomorrow. Blizzard warnings have been issued for Minnesota. Arctic clipper. We anticipate 35 mph winds packed with snow. White out conditions.

We may get a foot of snow.

A foot of snow! Our mini dachshund’s legs are barely two inches. Now that’s a serious winter problem. So far, I’ve managed to keep a patch in the yard cleared for her constitutionals. And she’s getting faster as the temperature drops. One minute, 45 seconds, that’s the time to beat. And that’s both barrels.

Gradually, the Norwegians are letting me in on their little secrets to winter survival. Like wearing pants lined with warm, soft flannel. The big blondes with the biggest smiles are going commando.

This is only my second Big Winter and naturally, I’m a little apprehensive. The Mystery Woman thinks it best we get outta here. Just this morning she said, “You know, honey, I’ve been thinking we should take a cruise.”

"To Alaska," she says.


The South Plainsman said...

Alaska is a fabulous cruise. Been there. Cruised the Bering Sea in bizzard and gale conditions. It is too cold when that is going on. Wait until May.

homeinarizona said...

I feel a bit guilty telling you that here in Surprise, Az a high of 81 and a low in the 50's is expected on Sunday. I payed my dues however by living in Green Bay, Wis - and you know what that means (besides having the finest football in the universe...)

Ken Martin said...

Like our daughter used to tell our granddaughter, no whining, no crying, George.

Still, I feel your pain. I detest cold weather and though I once lived in Long Island, NY, for more than 4 years, it's nowhere as cold as your locale.

I know you're there for humane reasons, but that's inhuman weather.


Anonymous said...

Bundle up. I think of you as kind of a Lubbock version of the yeti....taking large steps in deep snow drifts all the while grunting
undecipherable utterances.


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