Wednesday, December 8, 2010


What is happening to me?

After 30 years of reading the NY Times every day, I let my subscription expire. For the past two weeks, I haven’t watched Keith, Chris or Rachel.

Barely, just barely, have I continued sending a conservative friend the news stories, essays and columns about the bad ass stuff the Tea Parties mistakenly call governing. The emails are like counting coup.

The Daily Show is still must-see TV, although the late schedule is giving new appeal to the re-run next day at noon.

I still spend about an hour on the computer each morning reading interesting stuff from half a dozen news aggregators.

Every day, I still read the local paper and watch local TV news.

But the thrill barely flickers where once there was enough heat to tan hides. What is happening to me?

Age-related? Perhaps. These days, I seem to need less bile.

Obama? Again, a real possibility. Our great hope has been dashed by his weak actions and the right wing victories.

The big money from big corporations? Jesus, yes.

Big money buys lots of big lies.

The lies? Yes. They are beginning to grow heavier than before.

Outside, the sun is shining. A beautiful day. So it’s not that winter disorder thing. I’m not hung over. No mood altering meds.

Battle fatigue? I dunno. All I want to do is build a fire and re-read all of Tom Robbins’ novels.

And dance with the butterflies.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it has happened to me too. I stopped taking cable along time ago and
so don't see Rachel,et al. I still read the NYT headlines online and take
the Statesman, but mostly for the crossword.

Age-related? Possibly. I have my computer facing outdoors so I get to see
the sun rise with all of its brilliant slashes of pink in the east each
morning. I watch the squirrels and the birds. I read. I walk. I no
longer waste least too much time on bile. Too little time left.

Doesn't mean I don't care about the world or participate as I am called to
by my own sense of right and wrong, but I no longer obsess about it.

George,.......I think it's called wisdom.


The South Plainsman said...

I quit reading newspapers and watching TV news long ago. I can find the news online and have my own opinions about it.

The only must see programs on TV are sports, mainly college football and basketball. Even the pros have gotten kind of boring.

I do count coup on some liberal friends like George by pointing out the evils of progressivism, but don't take all that stuff nearly as seriously as I used to.

I do think the big money is harming our country. The middle class is wating away, while some get very rich. But before you assess blame for that, please check on who the big money gives to in the political world. You will find that both sides have been captured.

Hence the arrival of the tea party movement (not talking about the various "organizations" headed by wrongheaded politicians, just the folks).

A good book, or sitting out on the back porch in the evenings are my favorite things. With my puppy dog, who is the one that chases the butterflies.....and birds and squirrels.

Am really enjoying my elder status. It is pretty peaceful around here.

Anonymous said...


My recent inclinations coincide with yours. I am getting a belly full of the predictable Keith, Chris, and now Rachel. Lawrence O'Donnell turns out to be as monothoughty as they are. Now and then we check young Anderson Cooper, whose interviews are better, braver, and more substantial than theirs as he keeps getting sharper. Meanwhile the evil Foxes remain an insuperable pack of lying propagandists struggling to squeeze corporations through Heaven's narrow gate. So screw them all. CNN still keeps a semblance of what we once called objectivity, along with the attention of fact-checking staffers lacking allegiance to ideology over truthful reporting.

Stewart and Colbert are still our golden satirists, but listening to the MSNBC lefties lay into Obama's pragmatic compromise deal with the Evil Ones last evening sent me back to reading and writing, where I will hide out from the pundit-infested cable. The straight-ticket MSNBC crew has succeeded in alienating both Veva and me. Last night they all but ignored the real concessions that Obama won for us low and middleclassers, and they won't forgive his conceding the public option in achieving the universal health care that the Dems have failed to pass for a half-century of pursuing perfection at the cost of a flawed but sustainable future that eluded warring class ideologies. I am sick of ideologues, even the well intended Progressives who would rather be right than president--or much of anything else.

I am going out into this bright day to visit a wild daisy's single yellow flower, newly blossomed. And I await tonight's blanket of winter moonlight on the fallen leaves.


Anonymous said...

I'm bummed out myself. Obama blew it.

"If voting changed anything, they' outlaw it." -- Emma Goldman


Anonymous said...

all the time, especially now. i've given up on obama. he's not the guy i voted for and believed in, so he has lost me. i sure as hell don't want to hear anything from the right. keith was over the top last night. as you said, too much bile. it's going to get worse with the republicans controlling the house.

football season is damn near over, so i may return to all of james thurber's stuff. maybe 'the unicorn in the garden' first. grrrrrr. d

Anonymous said...

George...good offering. Even though I enjoy the barbs aimed at the feather merchants on Faux News, MSNBC gets somewhat tiresome and predictable. Where is Uncle Walter now that we need him?

Anonymous said...

All I can add is - me,too!

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