Monday, December 13, 2010

More snow predicted Wednesday, Thursday

With snow this deep, it is easy to understand why there are no Chihuahua clubs in Minneapolis.

The temp was minus three degrees when I got up this morning. But it has warmed up to a toasty minus two since the sun came out.

It’s so cold that I’ll switch parties if Sarah Palin will shoot me a grizzly and gut it so I can crawl inside to get warm.

Layers. Explain to me how to do grizzlies in layers.

Palin’s in Haiti, you know. As Jimmy Fallon observed: "I just read that Sarah Palin is going to Haiti this weekend to deliver humanitarian aid. ... Because if there's one thing that's reassuring, it's seeing Sarah Palin above you, in a helicopter."

Because of the snow drifts, we can't get the van out of the garage. We're stuck for a while but at least we are near food and shelter. And we are both wearing nice color schemes. My pacemaker fritzes up at the mere mention of show or shovel so we'll have to wait until the teen-ager we hired gets home from school to run the plow.

Meanwhile, we've got enough firewood and barley products to make a stand.


The South Plainsman said...

Dang, George. It was already 60 at noon today.

Anonymous said...

Stop've got your firewood,barley products and your snowbunny to keep you warm.

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