Sunday, December 12, 2010

Serious snow storm

As the Mystery Woman came down the stairs for her grand entrance to the day, she looked through the window at the mountain of snow outside and mused: “So, it wasn’t just a bad dream.”

The local newspaper can’t decide what to call the Blizzard of 2010 – Snowmaggedon or Snowmygawd.

People are beginning to venture outside. Mostly young people. To marvel at the snow. To shovel it. As a precaution, the Heart Hospital is on full alert.

But the snow gods sometimes take pity on old guys. The roof of the dome caved in which means Bret Favre might get another week for his shoulder to heal and keep his record of consecutive starts alive and counting.

During the worst, MDOT pulled snowplows off the roadways. Even for the professionals, too dangerous. By sun up, our street had been plowed twice. Now it’s trench warfare. Snow cliffs run curb to curb making snow canyons of our streets. The sun is brighter but has no warmth as it pinions shadows of bare trees to snow covered yards.

It was an honest mistake as I looked at the indoor/outdoor thermometer. I didn’t have my glasses and thought the device measured 38 degrees. (Let the party begin.) No. A closer look revealed the true story. It registered 3.8 degrees.

Maybe it’s time, a friend from Texas advises, to revert from wine back to bourbon.

This stuff won't melt for months.


The South Plainsman said...

Wow. Let another friend from Texas advise you to come back to God's Country.

We have enough snow to make it interesting, but rarely enough to be an incovenience.

And you can have 3 deg. one morning, and 70 degrees a day later.

Ross said...

55 and sunny in Austin, with a "hard freeze" of 30 expected overnight. The lawn? Green.

George said...

And you're eating Tex-Mex, right?

sph said...

I am enjoying telling the story, "This is the week I almost went to Minneapolis...."

Ken said...

Well, Ross was right about the prediction, but the freeze didn't happen. It's another case of what some of the women are calling a "weather woodie" as forecasters get all excited in anticipation but the weather doesn't oblige by getting it up.

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