Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beats hell outta cuddleduds

She and the Mystery Woman were college room mates.

Linda West Eckhardt, cookbook writer and recipe blogger for the Silver Cloud Diet website and e-book, recommends a Jamaican toddy for this cold cold winter's day: 1 cup of boiling water, 1 black teabag, 1 jigger rum, 1 jigger brandy, some sugar, orange and lemon peels.

Do it. Now.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like something I woulda used to knock out chicks in college.

Bill said...

I don't have lemon peel.

George said...

You can substitute breath mints.

Anonymous said...

What the hell would a Jamacian know about cold weather? Oh, I forgot...they did have a bobsled team at the olympics didn't they?

The South Plainsman said...

Sounds fabulous! Have to wait a day or so for the cold weather, though.

It is 72 here right now.

El said...

Better drink the toddy in anticipation of the cold. and afer its gone as well, and if you don't have lemon peel, just squeeze a wet wash rag into it. same difference.

best Linda Eckhardt

Jan said...

Love this one! Hope you and Lyn-Lyn are keeping warm!!!!

Anonymous said...

or you could use my mother's recipe for cough syrup: equal parts of lemon juice, honey and bourbon. heat the lemon juice & honey to dissolve. let cool. add the bourbon. drink through the night.

Paula said...

I live in Cuddleduds from October through April. Can I keep them on and drink this at the same time? Or will that spoil the feng shui?

Grammie said...

I may pass this on to my son and his wife who currently reside in Plymouth, MN.


: )

paula said...

It was 22 below zero last night, George. Your recipe sounds tasty, but I'm holding onto my long underwear, just in case. I love winter and always look forward to snow, but this is ridiculous!

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