Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, we decorated home-made Star Wars cookies. The neighbor brought wine, we supplied the cookie cutters and I’m certain the Force was with us. However, this morning the cookies were not as pretty as they were last night. Too much to drink, you say? Screw you.

Cool. 1/1/11 sounds pretty cool, unless it's Tea Party code for the end of days. Or will that happen 12/12/12? Nefarious. You know who you are.

Explain this. The winter solstice (Dec. 21) coincided with the lunar eclipse. First time in 2,000 years. The Washington Post dutifully ran the story -- AFTER the big event.

New Year’s Resolution. Not for me. Note to KRAFT: make Philadelphia Cream Cheese easier to open. That alone will make 2011 a better year.

Your vote?


Cappy said...

Any blog that scores a "screw you" within the first couple of MY kind of blog. sets the stage for some 2011 Phenix Phireworks! Let's keep on throwing those brutally honest haymakers, George. Folks need to hear it.

Hug the Mystery Woman and have a most exceptional year.

don said...

Mystery Woman: whenver i hear someone singing, 'what are you doin' new years, new year's eve?' i'll think of you and your cookies in a galaxy far, far away. hilarious. un fuerte abrazo.

Ken Martin said...

Happy New Year, youse guys in the frozen far north, and don't forget to come back to Moscow on the Colorado.

Nance said...

I need Proctor and Gamble to make everything they produce easier to open! I spend half my time cussing somebody for making something impossible to use or access. Sic 'em, George!

paula said...

George and MW---May the force be with you for at least the next 364 days. After that, who knows?

The South Plainsman said...

Those cookies must have taken a LOT of wine.

Us old folks got a new can opener and a jar opener for Christmas.

Arthritis in the hands makes us require some assistance occasionally.

Never have any trouble with cream cheese, though. Even when drinking.

Happy New Year to all.

Grammie said...

Stop packing toys in those indestructible plastic things that take a buzz saw to open.

The packing lasts longer than the toys!

: O

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