Saturday, January 15, 2011

Historic winter

Minnehaha Falls near sundown.

The fading sunlight reflecting off the ice and snow cast a blue light over the scene. A little Photoshop drained the color and revealed the black and white beauty of winter.

Mighty cold walk from the car: 11 degrees. But the beauty is worth it.

Other people are in the photo. Young people.

Photo credit -- the Mystery Woman.


Bill said...

Oh I do envy you, well my 14 year old grandaaughter...we had three
inches of snow, maybe, last week...she and all the ragknot boys in the neighborhood made a snowman (with leaves) then went over to the Dart Line sledded down for awhile. I can't imagine what she would do with
snow like yours...well I can---this area would need a lot of
psychologists. Happy Times.

Don said...

beautiful. ansel adamsish. yes, young people don't care of they freeze. hormones. i hope both of youse are peachy. the other night i was remembering The Mystery Woman's laughs. the guffaw is best, the hot-fudge sundae. abrazos, d

The South Plainsman said...

Sue Al Gore.

paula said...


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