Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter grows on you

This is the view from below the cliffs at the Number One Lock and Dam on the Mississippi River.

Some of the icicles hang more than six feet (six feet what? tall? down?).

The Mystery Woman took this cold photo and made it beautiful.



The South Plainsman said...

Its in the 70s here today. Eat your heart out.

Joann said...

Icycle is some kind of game it seems, but it sure makes perfect sense to spell icicle like bicycle. I'm so impressed that you and the Mystery Woman are getting out to find the beauty in our winter. I need to do more of that and less of cursing it! Thanks for the photos.

JB said...

Will you two please stay in the house where it is warm and if you slip, you won't break a hip? Please.

I know you'd be in Texas if your airport was open. It's cold here, but not brutal. You know you're gonna suffer this summer, right? Thin blood and all.

Bill said...

Makes one want to pack up and head for minneapolis.

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