Monday, February 28, 2011

Medic alert

Lard. Re-fried beans. Tortilla strips. Jalapenos. Scrambled eggs. Onions. Hot sauce. More hot sauce. More lard.

Can you tell? We’re back in Texas.

After crossing the Oklahoma line, we stopped at the first WHATABURGER that the GPS could find. For nearly two years, we had been without.

Once we got to Austin, the menu included BBQ (brisket, short ribs, and chicken, oh my). Add in piles of Tex-Mex, migas, top-chopped, Blue Bell ice cream and Shiner Bock.

In a casserole, I think. I don’t rightly remember. Nothing against the Minnesota hot dish. But this is soul food.

Repeat often. Aids the digestion and soothes the naps.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Take something for that scoff

It’s cold. It’s 21 degrees. The pipes are frozen. And I’m crawling around in the snow looking for the water cut-off valve. Too late to fix the freeze, I know, but necessary to stem the gusher that is surely to come with the thaw. Finally, I find the damn thing in the bushes by the wall. No wonder the pipes froze, they are above ground.

Am I in Minneapolis? Hell no, I’m in Texas.

I knew better. But having survived two Minnesota winters, I scoffed at reports of pending snow and sub-freezing temps in Austin. Scoffed, I tell you.

Big mistake. We had to haul in water for three days until the pipes cleared. Yet we managed to dodge a bullet. All the pipes appear to be intact. No water damage so far.

We made the drive down a week ago. Our van was fairly bristling with electronics. We had a GPS, a smart phone, a lap top and arthritis. My sister, who taught us how to use the GPS and smart phone, had been visiting us in Minneapolis “to experience real winter.” We had not seen her in nearly two years and I think she was just curious to see whether my earlobes had grown any longer.

No matter her motive. She – and her gadgets – provided tangible help. It was snowing behind us and snowing ahead but we managed to slip down the sides of the storms without any inconvenience or danger. If you don’t count cold.

For a while, we considered a temporary hold on starting the drive until this week. That would have put us right in the middle of the thousand mile blizzard. In a ditch and running out of Snickers.

We feel for the folks taking care of our Minneapolis home, inside and out, while we are GTT.

Thank you.

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