Friday, March 18, 2011

All hat and no cattle

This is a trick question: Which of these statements is true?

Andrew Breitbart tells GQ his “dream ticket for 2012” would be Reps. Allen West (R-FL) and Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

The Houston Rodeo, one of the largest in the world, is now selling chardonnay at a wine garden adjacent to the arena.

Both are true. And, yes, both are BS. Both have consequences.

The Houston Rodeo is no longer sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. No steer wrestling and no calf roping – no sanction.

Breitbart is just a mean S.O.B. who provokes for a living. But his fifteen minutes are ticking away. Eventually, he’ll poke himself in the eye. Already, only the crazies sanction this angry guy.

Just like Glenn Beck, who calls himself a rodeo clown.

Wha? Get me a blackboard. I think I just connected some dots.


The South Plainsman said...

Can't add much to this. Don't particularly care for any of those folks, or for the Houston Rodeo. And don't like Chardonnay.

Of course, at my age I am getting kind of cranky.

Not sure I like anyone in the political spectrum any more.

Anonymous said...

What's the use of having a rodeo if there's no steer wrestling?

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