Monday, March 7, 2011

Just a little loving

Listen. Can you hear the pop, pop, pop? That’s springtime in Texas. Trees are budding out. Down here, spring is an action verb.

Last week, there was nothing but hard, bare trees braced against bleak skies. Pop. Some green. Pop. White blossoms. Pop. More blossoms. The birds seem happier. Me, too. I’m tempted to chirp.

High in the treetops, the squirrels are more awake. That’s where I draw the line. As a concession, I now nap with the windows open.

Life is sweet. Soon, the wildflowers will take center stage. Busy people will gas up the family buggy for a ride in the Hill Country to soak in the beauty.

Each new smile is contagious.

And returns the favor.


Dan said...

Your writing is an action verb! I love today's post. Pop!

Mike said...

Written by a passionate Texan obviously proud, relieved and excited to be home!

George said...

If you want to know more about wildflowers and can get KLRN on your TV, tune in this Thursday and several days thereafter.

Here's a schedule:

The South Plainsman said...

Pretty much the same out here. The doves are mating, the squirrels are busy. The robins and the Cardinals are back. Even the flowering quinces are blooming.

It will get cold again, and we will have wind, but Spring is upon us.

And very welcomed.

Linda said...

That's cold, George, just plain cold. We received two more inches of snow yesterday, and will be on the ugly end of 2-4 more on Wednesday, with another "substantial" storm predicted for 10 days from now. The snow is still over the 48" fence in our back yard, and our Adirondack chairs look like they're floating up to the armrests.

But I can just picture the Texas awakenings; let me know when the bluebell fields are screaming. Now THAT'S Texas!

paula said...

I'm so glad you're relishing spring and taking notes for the rest of us. We can only dream...

Anonymous said...

Welcome home again!! Hope you stay long enough to enjoy it ALL!!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written! Bravo! -- Denise

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