Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quickies you can do without

I knew something was wrong the minute we stepped outside. We were wearing sweats and hoodies. All the thirty-somethings were wearing shorts and t-shirts. Did old people cause climate change?

This week, the dermatologist froze about 20 pre-cancerous lesions on my head. They turn dark and swell up as they dot my face. The Mystery Woman says I look like Harry Whittington’s wing man. Move to the head of the class if you remember Harry’s the guy who went bird hunting with Dick Cheney. Extra points if you live outside Austin.

Some of the hottest women on TV host the morning shows. Not just the news shows. Everywhere. Even on the Weather Channel and the financial cable news. This is not a sexist statement. I didn’t hire those honeys. Raise your hand if you’ve noticed this too. (Note: every hand shot up.)

I’m sorry. But Glenn Beck is like the sanctimonious preacher’s kid that you just wanted to slap silly back in grade school. Yes, I know … I’m a bad person.

John Stewart described Muammar Qaddafi as drone-kill.


The South Plainsman said...

The freeze burns go away in a few days. Waiting longer causes scars for a lifetime. I know from experience.

Glenn Beck needs to just go away.

Jon Stewart occasionally says something pretty bright.

Obama won't kill the old friend of his pals Louis Farrakhan and Rev Wright.

Did you hear Bill Ayers say he wrote the book?

Mike said...

Hey George...Please don't apologize for wanting to take matters into your own palms with Glenn Beck....shoulda been done long ago.

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