Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarah Palin -- old news

Conservatives have begun to turn on Sarah Palin. My work here is done.

The woman simply spent too much time in the green room. She began to believe the confetti in her head. The sparklers, too.

She was good at whack, bam, pow. It was the thinking part that brought her down. Too late, she began to hire professionals. Too late, she asked Roger Ailes for his advice. Too late.

For a self-proclaimed rogue, the woman could really whine. At least now we know what $32 million can buy.

Not to worry. Sarah will not disappear gently. Her greed and need for publicity are powerful engines. Plus, she has a herd of wingnut suporters who will continue to yowl and reproduce.

I wish her a long life.

I wish her a long life on Fox News. Watching her is too much fun. Get some popcorn. Join us at camera three in high definition.

Cue Michele Bachmann.


The South Plainsman said...

Sarah turned her "not ready for prime time" campaign into a great money raising thing, but it became too much about Sarah.

That was partly her fault and partly because she frightened so many different interests. So she became the issue.

But she has stirred things up. And I doubt if she is through, although I also doubt she could win an election.

Paula said...

Could you please block the roads whenever it looks like Ms. Bachmann is about to leave Minnesota to commit some verbal inanity elsewhere in the US?

JohnSBoles said...

The political equivalent of Lohan and Sheen are entertaining. Sad, though, for us all that we can't just ignore them. Mea culpa.

Anonymous said...

You have risen to new highs! Sheen and Lohan are flashes in the pan. Sarah and Michelle are the gifts that keep on giving! Hoohah!

Paula said...

I read somewhere that there's an app that blocks everything Sheen, kind of a Sheen Sifter. Can a Palin Preventer by far behind?

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