Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventure just around the bend

We are safe at my daughter’s house in Colorado, but it's been a rough trip as we work our way toward Minnesota.


MONDAY--I had unexpected oral surgery and lost three teeth.
TUESDAY--our little dog began to scream as we loaded her into the van, likely a disc problem. Five hours late leaving. Complicated meds schedule.
WEDNESDAY—yesterday’s late start meant we altered travel plans.
THURSDAY-- 55 mph winds in Lubbock brought a sandstorm like the good old days. Memory Lane.
FRIDAY—the Mystery Woman developed bad internal problems.
SATURDAY--power steering started going out while on the mountain highway.
SUNDAY--I don't remember.
MONDAY—the Mystery Woman’s problems are no better, home remedies not working. Ditto with car which is on the rack in the shop.
TUESDAY--had to take Mystery Woman to the emergency room. Five hours later, lots of tests, no diagnosis. Home, finally.
TUESDAY ADD—We picked up the van only to have steering lock up again. Mountain road again. Returned vehicle, exchanged pleasantries

I’ve taken to drink. And will return later.


The Mystery Woman is on the rack.
The dog has the runs.
The van won't run.

No, that's not right.

This is a lot of character-building and I'm as tall as I care to be.


The South Plainsman said...

It is Hell getting old.

My best to you all.

It will get better.

Ross said...

Sounds like somebody might lose some more teeth.

Bob said...

I have found the three teeth and am sending them under separate cover.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Oh, but your humor is sharp, pungent and the perfect remedy to most of lifes trifles....

Hope May is kinder to you and yours.

Question - don't you miss Texas a little bit already?

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