Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tea Party sends in the clowns

What is it with the right wing?

First it was Sarah Palin. Then Michele Bachmann. Now Donald Trump is the Tea Party favorite in the latest polls.

Donald Trump?

What this country needs is not a narcissist-in-chief, although each of those Tea Party candidates would make a good one.

Even if I wanted to give some serious thought to some Tea Party suggestions, there’s no way I can slog past these goofy candidates. Just can’t. No matter how much perfume they squirt.

Slide to where Glenn Beck slithers. It’s his own fault that he got fired. Like Icarus, he flew too close to the sun and burned his own bootie. Besides, that man can piss off a freight train.

Sarah Palin is next. Her own Alaskan reality show did her in. Too much, too thin TV. Over-exposed. Revealed to be mean spirited after the tragic Arizona shootings.

Michele Bachmann may actually last a little longer. But eventually, her gaffs will do her in. Faster than in the past, thanks to the Internet.

Of the three, Trump is arguably the smartest. Palin may be catching him on wealth but that’s only money – not smarts. And he is one media savvy dude who has rebounded time and again from bankruptcy and multiple divorces (from foreign wives). Dare I say -- Phoenix-like.

Sure. Politics is another form of show business.

But there are clowns enough already. And their pony needs to learn another trick.


AustinBulldog said...

Keep writing, George, keep writing.

Donl said...

And the biggest clown of them all is occupying the White House!!!

George said...

You guys just don't grasp the difference between a clown and the ring master.

No matter -- it's all still a circus.

The South Plainsman said...

Don't blame the Tea Party for Trump.

The only reason he comes forward is he has a big ego and a lot of money.

Palin and Bachmann just jumped on the bandwagon.

Right now, there is nobody out there to challenge Obama.

But someone will.

Don said...

P.T. Barnum was a ringmaster. Isn't he the guy that said "a sucker is born everyday". Quite a "con man" just like Obama!!

George said...

Barnum was the owner. You know, like the Koch brothers, who own the Tea Party.

Mike said...

and THIS is what we've come to for political candidates in this country. dammed shame. founding fathers must be spinning in their graves at warp speed!

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