Friday, April 22, 2011

Texas is burning

Here’s a dramatic site with current info and pictures.

Some of it will tear your heart out as the fires terrorize people and animals. The big blazes hang life or death for every living thing in the path of the fireline.

As bad as the fires are, the long term effects could be even worse. Wildfires are burning the fences that have help ranchers manage their herds decades.

Insurance rarely covers fences, if ever.

The farmers and ranchers were already struggling because of the drought. For several years, they haven't known where their next raindrop was coming from. Much less, their next dollar.

Now this.

Without fencing, many ranchers will be forced to walk away. The economy of the region will suffer as the families pull up stakes on their past – and our future.

Low-interest loans are needed. Fast. Expand existing ag subsidies to cover fences. Do something. Fast. This is a big job even for big government. So get moving. Fast.

Even before the fires are out and the embers turn cold.

This is a fight for survival.


The South Plainsman said...

Texas is burning. Over a million acres and still going.

The whole state from I-35 West all the way to New Mexico is at high risk.

I am certain that the areas burned will be declared disaster areas (unless Obama won't do it for a red state).

The fires are aided by the 6 months or so with little rain, but also by the great rain we had last year that grew a bounty crop of rangeland grasses.

The homes and barns and fences will be replaced. The range will be renewed (fire is nature's way of renewing).

But not until it rains.

Anonymous said...

Now phenix, you make us sound like wimps !
You know that us Texans have been thorough a lot worse than this.
We are a resilient, stubborn lot (not me of course) and will bounce back stronger than ever !
That which does not kill us.....makes us stronger !!!!!!
The ranchers will bounce back fine.

JohnSBoles said...

We help each other. That is the American Way. The Objectivists Ryan and Paul are much less likely to be in favor of helping than would be Obama.

Laura Burns said...

I consider this a good comment:

Anonymous said...

We have some acreage and a cabin in Cat Spring, about an hour west of Houston. There were three small lakes on the property. One has been there for over 50 years. Two are dried up and the main one is only half full. Hoping rain comes soon!! - Denise

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