Friday, May 13, 2011

Are you grumpy, too?

Grumpy. I woke up grumpy and don’t know why. Maybe it’s from all the noise this political season. Makes me mean.

Think about this stuff:

If torture works, why couldn’t George Bush catch bin Laden?

Yes, bin Laden was unarmed. So were the civilians in the Twin Towers.

Every time Sarah Palin opens her whiney yap, I cannot help but think: shrill, baby, shrill.

The people who want the president to fail are treading close to treason.

Hypocritical Sen. Tom Coburn shielded his hypocritical colleague, Sen. John Ensign, who was having an affair with the wife of his own chief of staff. Sen. Ensign even proposed to the woman at a National Prayer Breakfast. While both were married.

See? By now, you are probably grumpy, too.

PS – I think Sen. Ensign is guilty of rape. After all, he had near complete control over that woman’s family finances through her husband’s job. Criminal abuse of power.


The South Plainsman said...

Ensign has ended up porrly, as he should.

It was following Bush's policies, which he had attacked, that gave the intel folks the ability to nab Osama. Following the policies Obama pushed (but did not follow) Osama would have been laying around on a beach somewhere unnoticed.

Nobody wants Obama to fail, but most of us believe his policies will lead us to failure.

Liberals wanted Bush to fail without regard to whether his policies were goo d or bad.

George said...

The question stands:

if torture works, why couldn't George Bush catch bin Laden?

AustinBulldog said...

Changing the conversation, it's not rape, George, it's sexual harassment when someone uses their power over an employee (or in this case, the wife of an employee) to exert sexual favors. The 1994 movie "Disclosure" (which is terrific) turns the tables on the usual male harraser role when boss Demi Moore sexually harasses Michael Douglas.

George said...

Of course. That's what I meant to say. Brain lapse. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Osama dead...good
Cheney face time...bad
Rumsfeld face time...bad
Watching Fox & Friends...funny

Paula said...

"Nobody wants Obama to fail, but most of us believe his policies will lead us to failure.
Liberals wanted Bush to fail without regard to whether his policies were good or bad."

SP--I'm a liberal and I'm somebody. I don't want Obama to fail and don't believe his policies will lead us to failure. What will lead us to failure, I believe, is the stalemate created by the GOP out to block every single thing this president tries to do, including make agency appointments.
Again, I generally vote Democratic but voted for GWB in second election to maintain continuity in government during a difficult time. I later regretted my choice. Bush/Cheney promoted far more bad policies than good ones, as far as I can see. I know that's a sweeping generalization, but the list is long.
Don't fool yourself into thinking the American public is black or white, left or right, with the exception of those who get their news from Fox.

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