Friday, May 20, 2011

Wait for the Sunday sales

Question: how many presidential candidates are packed and ready for the Rapture this Saturday?

Damn. It would almost be worth the Big Show to see whether the "proud to be more Christian than you crowd" of Huckabee, Palin and Bachmann can pull the hill.

And wouldn’t you love a catbird seat at the C Street “church” where disgraced Sen. Ensign and his bachelor buddies lived and romped and held prayer services.

Does Judgment Day include the Supreme Court? Would that be Constitutional?

Glenn Beck? Not a chance. He’s a Mormon, a first cousin to Elmer Gantry, and a goddamned fool.

If I’m wrong and they do go up, I call dibs on the stuff they leave behind.

Turner Classic Movies should show Apocalypse Now.

On Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hey George

The MPR website says Pawlenty's planning to announce his presidential run on Monday. Does this mean he's not a good Christian? Will he be Left Behind??? I hear Michelle Bachman has plans for next week, too, so she's obviously not planning to be raptured either.

As always, I need your guidance about all of this.

Dan said...

George, the Tx. House of Reps. is meeting Saturday. Not to worry. Should the rapture occur we'll still have a quorum.

The South Plainsman said...

Breaking news: War Powers Act first to be Raptured!


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